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Things that usually are forgotten when we test

Don't forget to test the...
  1. Database: We sometimes check that a record is sent to the DB, and as professionals we check the DB to see the records. But: - Do we check after a while that only 1 record is sent and only 1 record is created? Sometimes we check and see the data is there, but not if it was sent twice by mistake. Even if sometimes it doesn’t influence the behavior, it take traffic and storage. - Do we check that what is not supposed to enter doesn’t actually enter?

  2. Monitoring: We should always be aware of the CPU (to make sure it is reasonable) and memory (checking for memory leacks) while we are testing. We should also monitor the storage to verify there the logs and other files the system use doesn’t fill it up. This should be done over time.

  3. Uninstalls: We check that we can install a product and uninstall it. Do we check what happens after the uninstall? –files, registry, if it is a default application – what happens to the user etc.

  4. Deleting the cache: We all hear “please delete the cache before testing”, which is understandable – you will not see the change the programmer did otherwise. Just don’t forget to leave test environment with the last released version cache. After all, this is what the user has.

  5. Connection: The user doesn’t always have state of the art internet connection or devices.

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