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Explain software testing to agile team members

It is not always clear to programmers, product owners, and other stakeholders, what precisely the testing profession is. Many times there are still some that say that the role of the tester is to "play" with the system and find bugs. Even when respected, it is still an enigma to most peers. Probably, most will say testers write and execute tests that should discover bugs in the system.

While it may not have been ideal but somehow bearable in Waterfall, it's terrible at Agile, a method in which everyone should recognize, respect and even participate in multidisciplinary activities.

To help these members - members of the Agile team who do not test - I have prepared a mindmap with some of the things we need to explain.

At first, I thought that I would merely present this to the team, but it is not the best way. Instead, it will be much better to plan a few session and discuss it with them, while the topics I listed are only topics to develop in conversation.

I think this is very important. It will help the team give you tools for success, it will help them to test better, gain their respect, understand better your efforts.

Press the pic for an enlarged copy.

Educate the agile team

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