Agile as exposure of problems in the development process

 Usually, when we talk about the benefits of Agile we talk about the following topics:

• That it is a faster process.

• We are more aware of customer needs.

• The people are at the center.

• Encouraging cooperation.

• Encouraging verbal communication which is the best form of communication.

• Prevents waste of time, for example, producing documents that nobody reads.

I think missing a very important point: Agile is a great way to expose problems, if any, in the development process. This can be seen especially during the transition from waterfall.

I will give some examples of issues that may arise;• Testing duration is too long.*• A weak link in the team.• Inaccurate time estimates.• Strained relations among people especially within the team but not only.

I think that these problems can be hidden when a large group of several teams are working on joint projects and release times longer than an average sprint. The problems are absorbed and difficult to find and manage.

In Agile we can identify the problem and start a fixing path.

* A problem that does not have to be (but can be) the testing team issue alone but perhaps the company's. For example when you gave a huge technical dept and thus we "everything" after each change, also the lack of testing such as unit tests and automation, etc.