How can we encourage Software Testers to keep updating about their profession development

 Many of the testers I meet might be very dedicated to their position and know about technology, UX, customers, and much more. However, not a lot learn the profession (officially or not) in an orderly manner and even rarely get updated from blogs, videos, conferences, podcasts, and whatnot.

Maybe some are content with this situation. Maybe others just didn't know about our profession's richness, or just needed encouragement to take the first step.

There are two issues here: the first is that we could be better professionals if we hear from other people about their experiences and new techniques. The second is that our profession is seen, sometimes, as a simple trade that doesn't need much learning and updating.

Regarding this important issue, I wish I was a well-known tester, that could put this subject for open discussion with our peers. Maybe start a process. But since I am not, I hope maybe someone will get to read this and will raise the issue publicly.

In the attached mind-map I stated my POV:

- What is the current situation?

- How did we get here?

- Is testing really not that complicated?

- Suggestions about how to start solving the problem. But I see it only as a starting point.

I think that the people reading this article are, by definition, people who do read and update. But we need to get to the others, and only we can do it, no one else.

Please press the image below to open a much clearer document (the image below is not updated).