Test Management Tools battle in Jira: SynapseRT VS Xray

 If you started to use Jira as a stop shop, you probably want to migrate bugs and tests from previously used Test Management Tool (in our case - Quality Center).

First step completed: Bugs migration. - Migrating the bugs was complicated, but it did not require an external tool. However, the test migration requires first and foremost a tool to manage the tests - writing their tests and arranging them, running the tests, reports, and topics such as usability, support, price, and more.

We needed to determine which test management tool we would use. Beyond the obvious - like the capabilities above - we had two key requirements:

1. It will be an internal tool for Jira (plugin) and not synchronization with an external product. It was important to us that we check the whole life cycle of the tests in Jira.

2. Obviously the transition will also bring about changes in the work, some we wanted, some because the tools do not always support (Quality Center is a huge product whose job is to conduct tests. With all its disadvantages, it has many possibilities). One thing we did not want to give up was the hierarchical arrangement of the tests.

We narrowed down the options to two tools: synapseRT and Xray.

From here, we have taken on the task of choosing between the tools - only those who use the tool every day can really appreciate it.

I'm joining an Excel document that compares the tools. All credit to Shahar Arbel from Verint, who conceived, conducted the actual comparison, and maintained the document. In my opinion, this is the most comprehensive online document that compares these tools.

The comparison points can be based on any future Test Management Tool evaluation.

the evaluation can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-APc1lM6pVrGtyCZ_vX6NkbtGmRfAZqs/view?usp=sharing