XRAY for Jira: Test quality indication (custom arrangement)

 We have a few formal criteria for test quality. To make it easy for our Test Engineers, we added indications representing these criteria in the test itself. The idea is that the Test Engineer will have an immediate indication if the test they wrote is not up to the requirements.

We used the Jira plugin ScriptRunner to help with that.
These are the indications:

  • The number of steps (must have between 4 and 12 steps).
    Color: if no steps - red, if there are less than 4 or more than 12 - Orange.

  • Attachments (not a must, a warm recommendation).
    Color: Black.

  • Test description.
    Color: Orange.

  • Test status (not run status, the issue type Test status) - should be approved (meaning passed internal and external reviews).
    Color: Red.

Naturally, in case all is well, the relevant row will not be seen. For example: If the test has 5 steps the first row will not be presented.
And as always with metrics: they are just something to help; they don't tell the whole story and sometimes even lie.