About me

Hello :)

I am a software testing enthusiast. Besides this blog, I speak, write articles, co-editor in a testing magazine, and help arrange testing meetups.

My name is Doron Bar, and I have been in software testing in particular and in high-tech in general since 1998. For me, this is not just another "role" but the role of my life.

During my career, I have performed many functions in the field, such as ERP testing, telephony, Web systems, and applications with over 100 million users. Among other duties, I was a software tester, team leader, testing manager, and test project manager, both in start-ups and in leading companies in their time at Comverse.

In my previous position at AVG, I was a senior testing architect transforming a waterfall test environment to an agile environment. This function includes product requirements analysis and development and writing requirements for testing. Besides, the role includes accompanying the testers, setting standards and processes, finding and implementing advanced methodologies, and managing the end game.

Today I am a group manager at Verint Systems, managing the testing methodologies, the automation, and the performance activities.

The purpose of the blog

Since I went through a lot and learned plenty, I decided to write down some of the insights I learned related to the field to have documentation for me and for the few that testing is burning in their bones.
Many of the articles are theoretical. I must emphasize that it is necessary to know this part: how the structure and form of tests should be, things that we need to emphasize, be more efficient, and more. The theoretical dimension undoubtedly increases the actual quality of the product and the efficiency and cost of the tests. The trick is to know what to cut from the template and match it to the company in which we operate.

I will introduce "stories from life" as illustrative examples, and best describe our profession in light of the latest innovations.